.:About Us:.


  • licensed Florida PE # 71092
  • 10 years experience in engineering
  • BSCE from FAU with 3.67 current gpa
  • Continuing participation with design for Habitat for Humanity
  • Participation in 2008 Tilt-Up conference
  • Fortified certified
  • Engineering software proficient
  • CAD design software proficient

Project examples:

  • Fountain’s of Stuart- (’08) a multi building collaboration for engineer of record services. Tilt-up wall panels, slab on grade foundation, and metal joist and deck roof. Design of an expansion joint for a girder wall connection.
  • Gold Coast Distribution- (’07) a distribution warehouse design including insulated tilt-up wall panels coordinated with a metal frame building.
  • Fire Rescue- (’06) a 52,000 sq. ft. 2 story logistical facility for the Broward fire rescue. Tilt-up reinforcing; collaboration between tilt-up, metal framing system, double T, and pre-cast joist. Innovative design of entry panels.
  • Cornerstone- ('06) a 5 story office facility involving tilt-up reinforcing with large garage level openings and storefront windows.Structural support of large rooftop architectural feature.
  • Ocean View Crest- (’05-’06) three story RWS with filigree and wood truss floor. Also involved scheduling and design collaboration issues as well as field inspections.
  • Peacock- (12/05) a 25,000 sq. ft. 1 story tilt-up and frame roof warehouse building. Designed and produced structural drawings and designed tilt-up panel reinforcing.
  • Inlet Bay- (7/05) a 12,000 sq. ft. 1 story masonry warehouse. Designed and produced structural drawings.


  • Design drawings and calculations
  • Remodel or addition design
  • production shop drawings
  • consultation and review